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Runlocker Unboxing July 2022

Don't laugh! I am a little rusty. It's been some time since I recorded an unboxing video. I hope to be able to resume these on a more regular basis. I received my Runlocker box this week and thought it was time to "...just hit record".

Runlocker is a monthly subscription service that delivers running gear to your home. Each box is curated to provide a plethora of great running products and some good running advice. Many of the items in the boxes I received I never would have purchased on my own so in that regard, the boxes are an effective way to explore the universe of running gear.

I am recording from my new apartment, and I don't have any background....yet. As for the glare in my glasses, well, I need to work on my lighting and audio too. I'm just a hot mess in this new recording location. You'll have to watch upcoming videos to see if things improve.

Be well and cool running.



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