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Triple A Challenge Day #11

30 Plank Jacks with Mini Band

20 Miniband Bicycle Crunch (10 per side)

30 Wall Sit with Biceps Curls

10 Mini-Band Concentration Curls (10 each side)

20 Triceps Push Ups

20 Plank Up-Down

Attitude: Take a moment during the day to practice deep breathing

So what is this deep breathing thing on today's challenge? Deep breathing is an effective but somewhat overlooked way to help manage stress. We all know how to breathe, but how often have you focused on your breath? Taking 5 minutes to center yourself and focus on your breathing during the day may allow you to help ground yourself and focus on the tasks ahead. Not to mention lowering your sympathetic tone (fight or flight stress responses). You can Google deep breathing or mindful breathing and find something that works for you. As an introduction I have included a very brief breathing exercise from Headspace below.

Have a wonderful day!


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