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Training Update and World Vegan Day 2020

Well it has been a minute since my last post. I think about posting daily and I have so many ideas on topics to discuss. I don't think they need to be long posts so I have to get over feeling that if I don't post something with references and data that I am not posting anything of value. What do you think?

Today is World Vegan Day (Nov 1, 2020). My journey to being plant powered has been so interesting. For those of you who have followed me for years you know I was a staunch omnivore. If you date back to the days of my original blog, Buff n' Tuff Fitness, you will recall that I had no clue about eating a plant powered plate. What does this mean? Well, it means that it is never too late to change. My eating is now so much more closely aligned with my values related to health, all living creatures and the environment. What continues to amaze me is the total disconnect I had with what I ate the the journey the food took to arrive in my kitchen. I am learning more daily and love the life I am living.

And what about my fitness, health and wellness? I became a "runner" again in 2020. I still use air quotes because I am a baby runner. Since I decided not to step onstage this year I have channeled by competitive energy into running. I completed the Mile Monsters 5K (in-person) two weeks ago and completed the Bombshell Wicked Booty 5K yesterday (yes, I ran more than 5K....I forgot to stop my watch!!!). Knowing that I really don't like the cold weather, I have come a long way since April!! I am still trying to figure out my running gear, training, etc. but in the meantime it is a great addition to my sessions in the gym.

What's next? I don't know but I will provide an update asap. I have been busy in the kitchen and have so many recipes to post. Mr K has been a very gracious (and usually happy) guinea pig for my culinary experimentation. I think we are both happier and healthier as a result.

Dare I ask how you are doing? Remember, health care is still important even now. Wear your mask, wash your hands, maintain your personal distance, get your flu shot and schedule your annual wellness appointment. Health is wealth.

Until next time,

Be well.

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