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How to Fuel for Fitness with Veggie Ves

Wingman Wellness vLog#3 - How to Fuel for Fitness with Veggie Ves

More Pl@nt Positive inspiration from Daphne and Vesime. In vLog#3 we share some tips on how Vesime leverages veggies to fuel and recover from her Wingman Workouts.

"Small consistent steps lead to great results. Change doesn’t happen over night; it won’t happen after a couple weeks; so don’t quit! small manageable steps that still challenge you a bit married with consistency is key."

QUESTION: What is one key thing you learned from vLog#3 that will positively impact your health and wellness? Please feel free to share in the comments below.

Be well.

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Veganuary vLog#1 with Veggie Ves:

Plant Powered Plate with Veggie Ves (vLog#2):


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