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Gear and Tech Talk: Freetrain Vest

The long overdue gear and tech talk blog posts are back! It's been a minute and I hope you are doing well. Despite the hiatus, I have continued to explore different gear and tech to support my everyday and fitness needs. I have a backlog of gear, gadgets, and tech to review. I am excited to share my thoughts with you.

My adventures to stay fit and healthy during the peak of the pandemic had me exploring a variety of options to train. As I began to walk and eventually ran on a regular basis, I realized that I needed a convenient way to carry my phone, some money, my keys. I went through assorted options. There was a lot of trial and error, frustration, and learning. I tried the armband, Spibelt, several types of bum bags, and even just carrying the phone in my hand. I tried multiple combinations of gear in an attempt to carry what I needed, especially on longer runs. Finally, I found the perfect solution for me: the Freetrain Vest.

My initial purchase was the Freetrain VR Vest in 2020. I train early in the morning, and I was genuinely concerned about ensuring that drivers, cyclists, and other runners could see me. My requirements included having a reflective, washable solution that would allow me to train without a cumbersome strap on the arm or around my waist.

The Freetrain vest is a water-resistant option for men and women. It has a large front pocket with a clear case that can accommodate phones of all sizes. The snap closure allows me to easily access my phone to launch a podcast or guided run. The card holder pocket is perfect for your credit card and/or driver's license. The two pockets on the shoulder straps were designed to hold a gel for longer runs and your keys. The vest has an adjustable waistband which is great for when I layer up for cold runs. You can review details of all the features of the free train vest at this link:

I purchased the VR vest in 2020. It has been washed through the delicate cycle many times and continues to hold up well. In 2021 I purchased a V1 vest which I use for indoor workouts and to put in my suitcase when traveling. The normal price for the vest is $39.99 (USD) but you can frequently find the vest on sale.

Freetrain is a UK based company with distribution sites in the US. I was not able to find details on their supply chain or manufacturing practices. I will be sure to update this post if I find more details to share.

This gear review is not sponsored by Freetrain. My comments reflect my opinion and experience with the product. There are other comparable products on the market, but I think Freetrain is top quality and meets my training needs. I don't go for a run without it.

Have you tried the Freetrain vest? What is your favorite way to carry your cell phone and other gear? Do you have other running or fitness gear that you would like me to review? Please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.

Until next time, be well.


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