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Wingman Wellness vLog #2

Is this the start of a new series? Hmmm.....

Let's check in with Veggie Ves (my wonderful friend Vesime Schroering) and hear more about her experience with adding plants to her plate in January. What are some of Vesime's favorite plant-based, quick and hearty meals? Did her family enjoy eating more plant based meals? Is it expensive to eat more plants? Did Vesime's exercise regimen suffer during Veganuary?

We would enjoy hearing your thoughts on successful strategies for adding more plants to your plate. Are there topics you'd like Veggie Ves and I to discuss on an upcoming vLog? Please feel free to comment below.

Thank you for joining us for this brief conversation (livestreamed on February 10, 2021). We hope you will join us again.

Be well,



Links to Recipes mentioned in vLog

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Link to vLog#1:


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