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Where is Wingman?

Good morning and happy Thursday!! It has been a busy April. We are on a brief hiatus with our Perfectly Pl@nted Podcast series until mid-May. Don't worry, Veggie Ves and I will return with some wonderful guests and conversations that we know you will enjoy. During March and April I have been focused on working with the team at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Kansas City and Saint Luke's Health System to launch a new program called REACHN. REACHN is an acronym for Resilience, Education, Activity, Community, Health and Nutrition. The program is based on the 6 pillars of Lifestyle Medicine and focuses on engaging with families in the community to learn more about health eating, physical activity, stress reduction. health education and more. The program is open to members and staff of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Kansas City. One benefit of enrolling in the program includes spending time with Team REACHN every Saturday morning from 9 - 10 am CT. You can learn more about the REACHN program on our website: Shout out to Harvesters and KC Care who are the other partners that have helped launch this wonderful community based program.

I have multiple blog topics planned for the next few months including some tech reviews, an update on my training program and I will share with you some of the plant based recipes I am working on for the REACHN program.

What's on your mind? How are you doing? Please feel free to share in the comments below.

Until next time, Be Well.


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