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The Power of Focusing on the Controllable

It’s funny. I started this post at 7 am today and am just now returning to put the finishing touch on my thoughts (at 721 pm!!). Today, I very much had to focus on the controllable. 😊.

It is funny how life works.

There is an undeniable truth that can elevate our journey or bog us down: the dichotomy between what we can control and what we cannot.

Those of you who have had an opportunity to peer into my office have seen the sign behind my desk, an empowering catchphrase from Marie Forleo: "Everything is Figureoutable."

This mantra is not just a feel-good statement but an invitation to shift our mindset. It's about the belief that with enough determination, creativity, and resilience, we can find solutions to our challenges.

But there’s a crucial subtext to this philosophy, and it’s tied directly to what I have put into practice during my day today: focus on what you can control.

In health, well-being, nutrition, fitness and life in general, it's so easy to get caught up in the uncontrollables. We might bemoan our genetic predispositions, the weather impeding our morning run, a sudden work commitment that throws off our routine or a surprise request that appears on your desk that you had not anticipated receiving (yes, one of those!). Obsessing over these elements not only drains our energy but creates a mindset where setbacks become insurmountable barriers.

Instead, let's reframe our perspective.

Acknowledge the Uncontrollable: Recognize that there will always be factors beyond your grasp. It's not about denying them, but about accepting their presence. This acceptance creates space in your mind and diminishes unnecessary stress.

Channel Your Energy: Once we accept what we can not change, it liberates us to invest our energy into what we can influence. Can't run outside due to the rain? Maybe it's a day for indoor strength training or yoga. Can't stick to your usual nutrition plan while traveling? Focus on making the best choices available and maintaining your hydration.

Empower Through Adaptation: Every challenge, every roadblock, is a chance to get creative, to adapt, to find a workaround. This doesn’t mean minimizing the challenge, but maximizing our response.

Practice Gratitude: In moments of frustration, shifting to gratitude can be transformative. Over time, this gratitude can help us perceive challenges as opportunities rather than obstacles. I did quite a lot of box breathing today and practicing gratitude. It works, believe me.

Seek Growth, Not Perfection: Life is not about crafting the perfect week where everything goes as planned. It's about continuous growth, learning, and resilience. By focusing on progress rather than perfection, we become more adaptable and resilient in the face of life's unpredictable nature. Did I accomplish everything on my power list today. Heck, no. Did I take control over what was controllable, including my response to situations? Yes.

We can't always control every aspect of our lives but we can control our reactions, our mindset, and our determination to adapt and move forward. When we channel the spirit of "Everything is Figureoutable," we embrace the challenges, adapt, and grow stronger.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Be well.


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