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Tasty Tuna Salad

Those of you who have followed my blog for several years know that there were several years where, due to financial challenges, I lived on tuna fish. At the time I even had a small cookbook that outlined 100 great tuna based recipes. For many years after I had a slight aversion to tuna. I have since recovered (I think!) but now that I am plant based I was not certain if I would ever find a tuna substitute. I have wonderful memories of my mom making delicious tuna sandwiches on a warm Friday night. Mom would add lots of egg and relish and on big slices of Wonder Bread it was a great meal.

Several months ago I watched a video on the Vegan Zombie You Tube channel where he prepared a tuna sandwich for his parents using plant based tuna from Good Catch Foods. I was a little skeptical but I went online to Thrive Market and purchased some tuna. I have been looking at the packets for weeks afraid that they were going to taster terrible and that I had wasted money. Well, last night I arrived home a little later than usual and did not have a meal prepped so I broke out the tuna. First observation: it will be a safe option to take with me when I travel because it does not smell fishy! Then came the real test: taste. OMG. I was shocked that straight out of the package it tasted great. Seriously. Now I was excited. I pulled out a bowl, added some Vegenaise, some Kala Namak and a little bit of organic sweet relish. I was in heaven. I have to confess that it did not last long enough for me to take a picture :-)

The addition of the Kala Namak adds a nice egg-like flavor to the tuna salad. I had never heard of Black Salt until I started my plant based journey. It is also great to add to scrambled Tofu and any other time you want an egg-like flavor.

I hope you consider giving this a try. If you do, please feel free to share your comments below I am on the road next week so I will pack my other Good Catch Fish-Free Tuna packages so I can have access to a healthy snack. I have the Mediterranean and Oil & Herbs flavor in my carry-on bag.

Have a wonderful week!

Wingman's Tasty Plant Based Tuna Salad Recipe


1 Tbsp, Vegenaise

1 Tbsp (15g), Organic Sweet Relish

1.50 g (1/4 tsp), Kala Namak - Black Salt


Mix in a bowl.


You can eat this directly from the bowl or make some tasty toasted tuna sandwiches.

Adding a dash of Sriracha is always an option (I like my tuna spicy) but keep an eye on your daily sodium intake.


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