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Did you have time for a 5-minute walk today? I hope so. More to follow as I figure out a regular schedule for our Sunday strolls.

Another quick question. Are you following us on Perfectly Pl@nted? If not, you are missing a lot of fun! I am reposting here for your listening/watching convenience.

On Episode 25, we were graced by the wonderful Sang Thi Duong. Sang is a best-selling author, founder of a non-profit for single mothers, and an entrepreneur who travels the world. Sang is on a personal mission to leave every person she encounters better than how they entered her life and to help as many people as she can to leave a legacy for their families. She touched us deeply during our 30-minute conversation.

Sang works with clients on all kinds of writing projects: websites, book editing, pageant platforms, educational programs, book proposals, full-length manuscripts, and beyond – and most recently a 5th-grade grade living museum where the students made mini speeches about people in history. She has written four books and is currently working on her fifth, which will include raw journal entries from a tumultuous relationship that led her on a path of self-discovery. Sang has also ghostwritten 10 books and written 1000+ articles for clients.

It is hard to describe Sang on paper because she is full of color and life. If you were to meet Sang in person right now, she’d give you a big hug and then immediately telling you how amazing you are.

Sang has 11 years of experience as a Master Certified Life and Business Coach. She has helped thousands of men, women, and especially, single mothers get more of what they want and/or need. Working with Sang she will show you how to channel your inner badass and truly step into who you are. She can help you navigate through anything that’s standing in your way leaving a glittery trail of fabulousness, badassery, and more confidence than ever before.

Sang’s personal mantras are: “Everything happens exactly how it should” and “You are exactly where you should be”.

More about Sang Thi Duong

Until next time, be well.


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