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Positive Influence – Mindset Monday

So often, we underestimate the impact our words or actions can have on others. It may not be that what you say or do today changes a life, but your words and actions, combined with the totality of an individual’s experience, may have an influence.

YOU are an influencer.

You can impact others and it doesn’t have to be the result of any massive action. Passive influence works too.

I have lived in apartments for most of my adult life. Several years ago, I started putting signs on my front door. Initially, the signs served two purposes: 1) to allow me to find my apartment on those days when I was so tired I could barely remember my apartment number (lol!) and 2) as a way for me to influence my mindset every time I entered and departed from my home. You may have seen some of these signs on my IG page over the years. I love going to Big Lots and searching for inspirational messages to put on my door. I have continued to aspire to inspire others and it warms my heart when these small actions plant seeds of positivity in the lives of others.

My home office is right next to my front door. One day I heard footsteps coming down the hall.

Then I heard a small voice say: “Nana, what does that door say?”

Nana replied: “It says Inhale Courage, Exhale Fear.”

The small voice asked: “Nana, what does that mean?”

Nana replied: “It means be brave, little one, always be brave.”

Then, several weeks ago, one of my neighbors stopped me to say, “thank you”. He said that he had been having a difficult day when he remembered the message on my door: “Inhale Courage, Exhale Fear”. He shared that those words helped guide him through a day of difficult business conversations. I thanked him for his kindness in sharing that message with me. It meant a lot.

Just a small thing, a message on my front door has positively influenced others. You too can impact others. Whether you share your message of empowerment, equity, education, community, health, wellness, veganism, whatever moves you and matters to you, you can impact others.

In a world where communication and connection can be a challenge, please find ways to connect your mission, your ikigai, in a way that can positively impact your life and the lives of those around you.

You can have an impact.

Be well,


This post was inspired during my morning workout as I listened to Maya Shankar, host of “A Slight Change of Plans”. Listen to Maya’s conversation on “You Have More Influence Than You Think”.


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