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Investing in Yourself - The Pathway to Achieving Your Goals

Welcome to another Walk with Wingman. My goal on these walks is to plant seeds of positivity and empowerment. Thank you for joining me today.

I need to thank podcasts for motivating me to run. I am running farther each week partly because my fitness is improving but mainly because I can listen and learn. I love to learn, and listening to podcasts on my daily run has become a great motivator.

While finishing my speed run this morning, I listened to Jenna Kutcher’s “Goal Digger” podcast and I was reminded of one of her Instagram posts: "Every dream will cost you something. But remember: You aren't the risk. You are the investment." This statement resonates deeply, especially when we tie it into some key lessons from Jenna’s podcast today with Robin Arzón. I want to delve into this concept, unraveling how investing in yourself, starting small, and maintaining consistency are pivotal steps toward realizing your dreams.

Investing in Yourself - The Core of Your Journey

The journey to health and wellness is not just about physical transformation — it's an investment in your entire being. As Robin highlighted in her conversation with Jenna, investing in yourself is the first crucial step towards achieving your dreams. It's about prioritizing your health, mental well-being, and personal growth.

Remember, wellness is not just about hitting the gym or following a diet; it's about nurturing your mind, body, and spirit. Invest in activities that elevate all aspects of your being, like journaling, meditation, balanced nutrition, and physical activities that you love.

Starting Small - The Power of Little Steps

One of the key takeaways from Jenna and Robin’s conversation is the power of starting small. Every grand achievement begins with a single, often small, step. The idea is not to overwhelm yourself with colossal goals but to break them into achievable, manageable actions. Small, consistent actions build the foundation for more significant successes. One other message that resonated with me that I have shared is that you need to say no to things that don’t fuel you so that you can say yes to YOU. 

Consistency is Key - Building Sustainable Habits

As Robin Arzón emphasizes, consistency is the golden thread that weaves success stories. It's not about intense bursts of activity but about what you do regularly, day in and day out, that leads to lasting change. You know me, I love consistency. Establishing a daily routine that includes time for all of the 3MS (meals, movement, mindset, sleep, stress, and social connection) is essential. You can’t tackle them all at once, but over time, routines become habits, and habits shape our destiny. However, remember that life is unpredictable. Don't be harsh on yourself if you miss a workout or stray from your nutrition plan. Adapt and get back on track. Consistency is not about perfection; it's about persistence.

Planting Seeds of Positivity and Empowerment

Each effort you put into your health and wellness, no matter how small, is a seed planted toward a future of fulfillment and well-being. Remember, the cost of staying stagnant far outweighs the cost of chasing your dreams. Invest in yourself, embrace the power of small beginnings, and hold on to the magic of consistency.

Your journey will have ups and downs, but you craft a story of triumph and resilience with each step. So, set those goals, plant the seeds, water them daily, and stay steadfast on your path. You are capable and worthy, and your dreams are within reach.

Here’s to a week filled with purposeful actions and unwavering belief in yourself.

Be well.

If you prefer to listen to today's Walk with Wingman you can join me here:


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