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Hotel Gym Review - Archer Tysons

The last time I posted a Hotel Gym review was September 2019. Wow! It has been some time since I was on the road. It is nice to be traveling again.

Hotel: Archer Hotel Tysons

Location: McLean, Virginia

I recently had the pleasure of spending several days at the Archer Hotel Tysons on two different trips. The Archer Hotel is in an urban setting but has a boho or boutique feel. The staff were wonderful. The accommodation was great. I was pleasantly surprised by the hotel gym. It was genuinely nice and very empty. I never saw more than two other guests in the gym while I was there. Ok, so maybe 5 am is not everyone’s cup of tea 😊. Regardless, there were no issues with overcrowding. Kudos to the Archer Tysons on providing this guest with a first-class gym experience.

Overall Assessment: Total Score: 24 out of 30

  • Accessibility: 5

  • Facility Size: 4

  • Cleanliness: 4

  • Equipment: 5

  • Environment: 4

  • Nutrition: 2

Grading System (my own): 1 = Unacceptable, 2 = Marginal, 3 = Acceptable, 4 = Good, 5 = Excellent


The gym was open 24 x 7 which is the gold standard for me. It was on a floor of the hotel with easy access.

Facility Size

The gym was fair sized. Some may say that I am a hard grader and I am. The equipment was well placed and not crowded. It was also logically arranged. There was a raised, cushioned area for the benches and dumbbells which was a nice touch. There was access to a bathroom but no shower or changing rooms; this is fine given that the hotel limits access to guests only.


The facility and the equipment were clean. Wipes were available to wipe down the equipment. The hotel also provided towels and refrigerated face wipes to use post workout. The floors were clean (I was down doing pushups, so I had a particularly good opportunity to assess) as were the exercise balls and dumbbells. Why did I only score a 4 out of 5? Everyone has room for improvement with hygiene.


The equipment was very nice and well maintained. The gym was able to support my cardiovascular and resistance training needs. I enjoyed the Matrix Treadmills and the Peloton. I enjoy the large screen visual experience. It was quite nice to experience some of the guided runs during my long run; I was able to sightsee in Hawaii and Costa Rica. The Isawall was new to me, and it was great!! What a wonderful way to use a small space and provide the tools for a full body workout.


The environment was conducive to a hard session. The temperature of the gym was perfect (I was wearing a long sleeve top). The lighting was good. There was no loud music. No TVs were blaring. It was a good environment to get in the zone for a good session.


I have to say that since the pandemic I was not expecting to have anything available. There was a small bowl of green apples in the gym and water was available. Meets minimum for the current environment and necessary precautions that are put in place.


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