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Grocery Haul: Second Timer's Dilemma

So we have all watched numerous shopping haul videos. It looks easy, right? WRONG!! Kudos to all of you who make shopping haul videos look so easy.

I decided to try my skills (shopping and video) with a grocery haul. Our goals with REACHN are to offer participant the opportunity for an in-person grocery shopping trip. That has not been possible this year so when we launched REACHN Kickstart I decided to try the grocery haul video. If nothing else, it will provide the group with some giggles.

My first foray was a trip to Whole Foods. I have not yet posted that video but will do so in the weeks ahead. It was tough!! The background noise in the store is significant. I had not realized this until I was editing the video. Oh, and then there is that challenge. Editing the video....took....forever. Why? Ok, part of the problem was that I kept getting distracted and looking at items that weren't on my shopping list. LOL! The other reason is that I intentionally shopped every aisle so that I can see what was new at Whole Foods.

So for my second grocer haul I went to Aldi's. This turned into a "mini grocery haul" because many of the items I needed for my cooking demo I already had on hand. This time I took the short cut and simply reviewed my mini-haul in the comfort of my kitchen.

Which is better? I will leave it to you to share your feedback with me in the comments. I will post the Whole Foods video soon. Be kind, I am a newbie at this, lol! But I welcome your constructive feedback. What would you like to see in a grocery haul video that would be of value to you?

I had a lot of fun with my first two hauls and look forward to upcoming hauls from Sprouts, Price Chopper and some specialty grocery stores in the area. What's unique about my grocery hauls is that the shopping list is curated specifically for REACHN program participants. If you are a member of the Breidenthal Club (Boys and Girls Club of Greater Kansas City) part of your participation in the REACHN Kickstart program includes a healthy food subscription. The recipes are available to everyone who participates as well as access to my cooking demo videos. Would you like to learn more about REACHN? Check out the website at

Be well.


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