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Consistency Post: April 25, 2023

Consistency Post: April 25, 2023

Level 1, Day 2

Meals, Movement, Mindset, Sleep (3MS)

🙏 Today, I am grateful for the team members in my building who are always kind and supportive. I love sharing plant-based foods with them.

😄 The highlight of my day was having a chance to say “hasta luego” to the coaching team before they left Virginia. It was an amazing weekend. I look forward to our next in-person event.

💪🏾 My movement win of the day was a brief run/walk this morning. My lack of sleep is catching up with me. I was supposed to do a speed run today, but I pivoted and had a great workout!

🌱 My nutrition win was some lovely edamame, a tofu sandwich and a large salad for lunch/snack.

🤗 My mindset/motivation win of the day was reading a great affirmation on the "I Am" app: "I am aware that the strength and knowledge I have gained from my experiences can help other people on the same path. Sharing my success lifts others up, and sharing my mistakes protects them."

😴 Sleep time last night was 4:58.


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