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Abs, Arms & Attitude Challenge Week 3

Today begins week #3 of the Triple A Challenge. How are you doing? Questions? Pictures to share of you and your family/friends completing the challenge? It is always great to hear from you so feel free to share in the comments section below.

I have tried to make this month's challenge progressive in terms of volume and exercise diversity. I know that many of you don't have access to a fitness center or gym so the variations on the exercises are meant to accommodate for a wide range of what might be accessible to you. I am still working out in my "home gym" in the stairwell. I will post some photos on Instagram because I don't think I have shared. My equipment is a mix of WODFitters Bands, bands from HIIT Box, a step, a yoga mat and my creativity.

This week's challenge exercises are summarized below:

  • 40 Mountain Climbers

  • 25 Curl to Press

  • 30 Miniband Bicycle Crunch (15 per side)

  • 25 Hammer Curls

  • 20 Triceps Kickback

  • 15 Inverted Row or Chaturanga

As always, the Attitude Challenge changes daily. Print out the attached challenge worksheet and post it on your fridge or door as a reminder. I continue to double up the attitude challenge on some days but feel free to reflect back on week one and week two attitude challenges and continue to incorporate them into your lifestyle.

Day 15 Attitude Challenge

Attitude: Develop a Solution Mindset – have a problem you have been trying to solve? Take 1 hour and focus on the solution

Attitude: Try a 5 – 10-minute guided meditation

Triple A Challenge Week 3
Download PDF • 511KB

I am working on a full length video so that we can do these challenge exercises together. Stay tuned! My video editing skills are still under development (meaning I am slow!).

Have a wonderful week!!

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