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Day 11 Spider Push-ups: 12 Days of Fitness

On the eleventh day of Fitness

My Y Coach gave to me

Ten (10) spider push-ups

Sixteen (16) curtsy lunges

Thirty (30) jumping jacks

Twenty (20) plank jacks

Ten (10) triceps push-ups

Twenty (20) air squats

Twenty (20) squat front-kicks

Thirty (30) seconds of planks

Twenty (20) awesome push-ups

Twenty (20) pop squats

and one minute of high knees by the tree

This is a favorite exercise to work your upper body and core. I included this exercise in lieu of burpees and dive-bomber push-ups so you’ll have to let me know which you prefer. If you are unable to do push-ups try the plank tap as a great alternative that will also work your upper body and core.


Spiderman Push-Ups




Plank Taps


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