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Day 10 Curtsy Lunge: 12 Days of Christmas

On the tenth day of Fitness

My Y Coach gave to me

Sixteen (16) curtsy lunges

Thirty (30) jumping jacks

Twenty (20) plank jacks

Ten (10) triceps push-ups

Twenty (20) air squats

Twenty (20) squat front-kicks

Thirty (30) seconds of planks

Twenty (20) awesome push-ups

Twenty (20) pop squats

and one minute of high knees by the tree

The curtsy lunge is a variation on the lunge that will help target not only the muscles on the front of your thigh but some of the smaller muscles on your inner thigh. There are many different ways to perform the curtsy lunge but your first goal is to learn how to do a curtsy lunge with just your body weight safely and effectively. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to complete 8 lunges on each side.




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