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Day 6 Air Squats: 12 Days of Fitness Challenge

On the sixth day of Fitness

My Y Coach gave to me

Twenty (20) air squats

Twenty (20) squat front-kicks

Thirty (30) seconds of planks

Twenty (20) awesome push-ups

Twenty (20) pop squats

and one minute of high knees by the tree

Squats are a great exercise for everyone!! Body weight squats can be performed anywhere anytime. Please watch the video if you have never performed this exercise. There are two great alternatives if you are new to physical activity or just beginning to work your lower body. You can perform a wall squat instead of an air squat or you can do a sit to stand from a sturdy chair. NOTE: you may be challenged to complete 20 air squats and 20 squats to front kicks. That’s OK, we struggled too!! Try to do as many as possible and if you need to break up the 20 into four sets of 5 that’s a great option to complete all 20 safely.

This is the half-way mark in our 12-day Fitness challenge. Woo Hoo!!! These six exercises have worked your core, upper body and lower body. We hope you’re enjoying the challenge and following your family and friends on our app. If you want to add a little intensity you can repeat the exercises for a second round :-)

Feel free to share your comments, feedback, progress or your own videos below. We would love to see families, groups of friends or even healthy living teams at the office share their progress.

I know many of you are not social media fans which is why we are also posting the 12 Days of Fitness Challenge on the website for the Kansas City YMCA.


  • Air Squat:

  • Air squat:

  • Wall Sit:

  • Wall Sit Variations:

  • Chair Sit to Stand:

  • Sit to Stand:

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