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12 Days of Fitness Day #10 Plank Taps

On the tenth day of Christmas

My Y Coach gave to me:

20 Plank Taps

20 Push Ups

15 Air squats

15 Burpees

10 Plank Jacks

10 Jump Lunges

5 Triceps pushups

5 dive-bomber pushups

2 minutes of wall squats

And one minute planking by the tree

Back to the core we go! This is another exercise that is focused on core strength and coordination. You do not have to complete all 20 plank taps without rest. Try for 4 or 5 then rest and repeat until you have completed 20. If you can’t do 20 today, that’s ok. Try to do one more each day than you completed the previous day.

Just in case it has not been clear, the table below is meant to serve as a tracker so that you can log your progress. If you'd like a copy of the spreadsheet to use in the future please feel free to let me know in the comments below.

Happy Wednesday!


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