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12 Days of Fitness Day #6: Plank Jacks

On the sixth day of Fitness

My Y Coach gave to me:

10 Plank Jacks

10 Jump Lunges

5 triceps push ups

5 dive-bomber push ups

2 minutes of wall squats

And one minute planking by the tree

The plank jack is an exercise that combines cardiovascular exercise and core strengthening. You can do the plank jack on your elbows or with your arms extended as in the videos shown below. You need to engage your core to stay stable during this movement. If you are still working on your core strength you can divide this into two sets of five reps each with a brief break between sets.

This is the half-way mark in our 12 day Fitness challenge (yahoo!). Keep up the great effort. These six exercises have worked your core, upper body and lower body. We hope you’re enjoying the challenge. Feel free to share your comments, feedback, progress or your own videos below. We would love to see families, groups of friends or even healthy living teams at the office share their progress.


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