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12 Days of Fitness Day #4: Triceps Pushups

On the fourth day of Fitness

My Y Coach gave to me:

5 triceps pushups

5 dive-bomber pushups

2 minutes of wall squats

And one minute planking by the tree

Sculpting nice arms requires more than lots of bicep curls. Your triceps muscle comprises a large

portion of the musculature in your upper arm. Many people have approached me asking about how to reshape the soft bit on the backside of their arms. This is a challenging area for many of us and this is one exercise you can add to your arsenal. The close hand triceps push up is not easy. You can try this from your knees or in the regular push up position. If you have a history of elbow/shoulder injury or pain you might want to substitute bench dips for this exercise.

Double trouble! Yes, it is push-ups back to back but you can do it!!! Follow along on the YMCA Facebook page to see a video of me dive-bombing. Please feel free to share your own pictures or videos on FB, Instagram or Twitter.



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