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Covenant Community Health & Wellness

There are so many wonderful things happening in our community that I struggle to find time to keep abreast of them or share those that are unique and different. Today, I would like to highlight a wonderful program sponsored by Covenant Presbyterian Church that is led by Laura Hyland, RN.

Covenant Presbyterian Church has partner with Laura to expand ministry to the community by providing access to a Faith Community Nurse. Laura provides these services free of charge to anyone int he community. Laura is a registered nurse and operates autonomously under

the Missouri State Nurse Practice Act and the Scope and Standards of Faith Community Nurses. Laura has developed a broad set of programs that are offered to the community including:

  • Health Screens

  • Walking Club

  • Diabetes Class

  • Tele-dental Screening

  • Project Strength Cooking and Nutrition Course (sponsored by Harvesters)

  • Chronic Disease Self-Management Workshops

  • Tai-Chi for all ages

These programs are a wonderful way to gain access to the tools and resources to empower you, your family or your friends to optimize your health potential. It sounds wonderful and it is!

Laura is available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 9am - 1pm CT. You can contact Laura by email at or by phone at 816.872.9301. Stop by and learn ways to make a positive impact on your health and wellness and maybe even learn ways to help make your family and our community healthier too.

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