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Happy Birthday, Dad!

Today is my Dad's birthday. He would have been 86 years young. I am celebrating today as a tribute to Dad's wonderful life and the influence he had on me. My Mom and Dad were my best friends and they were instrumental in my becoming the woman I am today. If Dad were here I would have celebrated by walking across the street to give him a birthday hug and kiss. I was blessed to live within walking distance of my Dad for the few years he was here with me in Kansas City. I probably would have caught him doing a dance with puppy....Dad loved to listen to music and dance. I would have bought him a gift, mostly likely something newfangled and electronic; we loved new toys. Later this evening I would have stopped by to have dinner and to share a piece of cake. Dad loved sweets! I can see his smile and hear his laughter. I am sure the staff at McCrite Plaza @ Briarcliff would also have helped to make this day a special one. We probably would have ended the day with a nap in our matching recliners. I still sit in his recliner to take my BP (using his BP cuff) or to simply absorb some of the strength his presence provided me when I needed it most. Although my heart aches because I cannot do all of these things I am uplifted by the knowledge that I had so many wonderful birthdays with Dad that the memories will last a lifetime. This is the one and only selfie we ever took. Thanks, Sis for traveling to KCMO to surprise Dad with a visit.

Happy Birthday, Dad! I am sure you are dancing joyfully with Mom and puppy up in heaven :-*

"Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty I'm free at last".....Martin Luther King, Jr.

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