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Holiday Wellness Tips

It is hard to believe that 2016 is quickly drawing to a close and the new year will soon be here. While it seems that there have been endless celebrations since late November please don't throw your health and wellness goals over the fence to 2017. Schedule a few minutes to discuss with our healthcare provider and/or health coach to develop SMART goals for your health and fitness will allow you to make the changes and have the flexibility you need to stay on target and enjoy the holidays. Below are just a few tips that I wanted to share with you as we countdown to 2017.


  • Adjust your SMART goals to allow you to maintain your weight over the holidays. You don't need to focus on weight loss during a time when you will be enjoying seasonal goodies. Statistically, Americans (although the reference below shows that it is not just the US) tend to gain weight between Thanksgiving and the New Year. If you can maintain your pre-holiday weight you will have a smile on your face in January.

  • You're only human. If you have a day of indulgence just remember tomorrow is another day. Don't throw your goals out the window simply because you had a night to remember.

  • Sleep is important and don't forget to get your rest. Try to maintain your normal sleep-wake schedule. A few late nights in a row can significantly impact your energy level, appetite and your willpower.

  • Every day is a gift. Each morning remember what you are grateful for, smile at yourself in the mirror and then smile at those around you. The holidays can sometimes be stressful but remember why we are celebrating and try to spread joy to those around you.


  • Please don't skip meals. While it may seem that this allows you to put "…calories in the bank…" going all day without eating may cause you to overeat when you finally are able to indulge. Pack some high protein, low fat, low carb snacks and nibble on these during the day. You'll be more likely to make wise choices at your holiday party in the evening.

  • Don't deny yourself a taste of the seasonal goodies that you most enjoy but practice smart portion control.

  • A hot toddy or a glass of champagne is wonderful this time of the year. If you do drink alcohol select lite wines and beers rather than mixed drinks. Also consider having a large glass of water between every alcoholic beverage you consume.

  • Portion control is key. Choose a small plate and fill it with a rainbow of fruits and vegetables before heading over to the dessert table.

  • Bring a dish that you know you can eat. I love to bring home made hummus and vegetables, salmon, chicken and/or a chocolate chia pudding (topped with raspberries or blueberries, yum!!). Your friends will appreciate your home cooking and so will you.

  • It's amazing how much tasting can occur while I'm cooking :-0 Be mindful of what you eat and how much while preparing your holiday meals


  • Schedule time to exercise. If you know you will be attending or hosting events plan your workouts accordingly.

  • A little exercise is better than none. If you won't have time to make it to the gym then think about trying one of my no-gym workouts. You can also schedule walking meetings and/or make an effort to be active during the workday. Ten minutes is better than no minutes; you can do it!

  • Walking and talking with guests at your event is a great way to get in extra steps and you're less likely to spend time near the buffet table.

All of these tips are common sense and I am sure that I am not saying anything you don't already know. Sometimes it just helps to be reminded. Happy Holidays!


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