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My homework last night involved learning about different behavioral theories that help us understand motivation. I was up later than usual and when I went to put my Fitbit on charge I had a little twinge of guilt that I had not reached my step goal for the day. This morning when my alarm went off at 415 am I was ready to start my day. Today was a cardio only day for me. The first 10 min were rough, but by the end of a series of sprint intervals I felt great :-) After my workout I went back to my apartment where I took my BP, got on my scale logged my vitals and then did a few minutes of foam rolling. I proceeded on with my day only to feel a familiar buzzing on my wrist as walked around my office. It was only 8 am and I had hit 10K steps for the day. Woo hoo!

I know that there are various thoughts on the value of wearable tech and its ability to providing ongoing motivation for those who use the devices. There is a very nice infographic from UIC that describes the value (real and potential) we can derive from the intersection of wearable technology and health information. I am a believer and I am still motivated by the little device I wear everyday. What I am still learning is how best to motivate others. It is a complex, multi-factorial equation but one that is key to improving the state of health for the populations we serve. While I continue to do my homework so I can pass my exam I am also learning more about myself along the way.

What motivates you?

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