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Plaza 10K Prep Journal VI

First question: How are YOU doing? Yes, I know, this is a loaded question. I know many of you had plans for competitions, biathlons, triathlons or other events this year that have been canceled or virtualized. That's ok. It's time to reset your SMART goals and continue to focus on your mental and physical health and wellness. You'll be competing again before you know it. Now is the time to put in the groundwork to bring your best YOU to the next event.

My goal had been to VLOG during some of my workouts the past two weeks. One barrier was that it is often dark out when I hit the road for a run. The other barrier was trying to figure out if y'all really wanted to see me all hot and sweaty talking about my workouts. Maybe I'll try a video on a weekend; Saturday and Sunday I run when it is light out so that I can run on some trails that are not as well lit.

I have had a few questions sent to me via email and I thought I would reply here. Yes, I cut my hair!! I did a "big chop" just before my birthday. Why? Because I can, LOL! It's so nice not to have to spend time twisting or braiding. It will grow back and in the interim, I can have some fun with my new TWA (teeny weeny afro). I am a real "head sweater" so being able to wash and go with as little fuss as possible has been great. The good thing is that I learned a lot from my last big chop so this has not been quite as stressful as the first time.

The second question is if I am still lifting. ABSOLUTELY!! My time in the gym is sacred. I have decided not to compete this year with all that is going on so I am benefiting from a long improvement season. I have not returned to the "big gym" but I am working out at the fitness center in my apartment building. This year has been great because I have returned to some basics (like rounds of 60 lunges up the parking ramp at my apartment building, OUCH!). My goal in the gym is to be efficient and to have fun.

So we are down to less than 30 days before the Plaza 10K. I hit the 7 mile mark with my run on Saturday so at least I know I should make it to the finish line (I hope!!!). I will say that I have a newfound joy that comes with running. Whether it's the feel good hormones or just the sense of accomplishment I don't know, but I enjoy waking up and hitting the pavement with the podcast of the day.

Be well, friends.


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