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Mindset Monday: Jumping Off the Struggle Bus

Let's face it, when it comes to sticking to our health and well-being goals, we've all spent some time on what's fondly (or not-so-fondly) referred to as "The Struggle Bus." This bus is not a physical mode of transport but a state of being, characterized by a seemingly endless cycle of setbacks, obstacles, and challenges that hinder our progress toward a healthier lifestyle. But what if we could transform our Struggle Bus into an Energy Bus?

Jon Gordon's "The Energy Bus" is a brilliant resource that blends life, leadership, and business lessons into a cohesive narrative. Its core message revolves around filling our lives with positive energy and how this propels us toward our goals. By taking the principles from "The Energy Bus," we can transform our struggles with health and well-being into a journey filled with positivity and progress.

Let's first consider Gordon's principle: "You're the driver of your bus." In the context of health and well-being, this means acknowledging that you're in control of your journey. The wheel of your health is in your hands. While it might seem easier to blame external factors for your health issues or inconsistent efforts, true power lies in taking responsibility. Understand that your choices today will dictate your health and well-being tomorrow.

Next, understand the importance of "Fueling your ride with positive energy." Many people board the Struggle Bus because they allow negative energy, such as self-doubt, fear, the need to be “perfect” or discouragement, to guide their health journey. Gordon suggests replacing these with positive energy, which can come from various sources such as motivational affirmations, positive visualization, supportive relationships, or celebrating small victories in your health journey. Remember, your mindset fuels your journey as much as physical exercise or balanced nutrition. The 3MS truly are important (meals, movement, mindset, sleep).

Then, Gordon advises to "Invite people on your bus and share your vision for the road ahead." As you navigate your health journey, don't hesitate to share your goals and vision with others. Having a support network can be crucial for staying accountable and motivated. Moreover, their encouragement can fuel your positive energy. This is the power of community, and it can be a motivating and supporting addition to help keep you off the Struggle Bus.

Lastly, remember to "Enjoy the ride." Too often, people see their health journey as a grueling task. They board the Struggle Bus expecting the ride to be unpleasant. But what if you chose to enjoy the ride instead? Find joy in the process of becoming healthier, whether it's the endorphin rush after a good movement snack or workout, the satisfaction of a nutritious meal, or the sense of achievement when you reach a milestone on your health journey.

The road to health and well-being can be a bumpy ride, but it's essential to remember that we control our journey. So, let's get off the Struggle Bus and hop onto the Energy Bus instead. By applying the principles from "The Energy Bus," we can transform our health journey into something more positive, productive, and enjoyable. Remember, your journey towards better health is not just about the destination but also about enjoying the ride.

Be well,


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