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Wisdom Wednesday: The Power of Choice

Each day, life presents us with a blank canvas, a new opportunity to paint our experiences with the vivid colors of our decisions. I was reading today’s Daily Motivator and I was struck by the Ralph Marston’s closing words: "With every choice you make, you can push life in a little bit more of a positive and fulfilling direction." These words echo the powerful truth about the influence we wield through our daily decisions.

Today is here, and the choices are yours.

Choices are the building blocks of our lives. They shape our health, mold our attitudes, and create the narrative of our existence. In each passing moment, the decisions we make have the potential to bring us closer to the life we envision for ourselves. Big or small, these choices matter and they're immensely powerful. They're the rudders that steer the course of our life journey.

As a physician and now as a health coach, I have observed the profound impact of choices on our well-being. Our health is not just a result of our genetics; it's an outcome of the cumulative effect of daily lifestyle choices. The foods we eat, the amount of rest we give ourselves, the physical activity we engage in, the stress we allow in our lives - all these are choices within our control that significantly contribute to our overall health.

Choices are just as pivotal when it comes to our mental and emotional health. The thoughts we dwell on, the mindset we adopt, the emotions we embrace, and the reactions we choose in response to life's ups and downs are all key determinants of our emotional wellness and overall life satisfaction.

So, how do we make choices that nudge life in a positive and fulfilling direction?

The first step is awareness. Understand that every decision you make is a step taken in your life journey. Evaluate your options carefully and make informed decisions that align with your goals and values.

Next, practice mindfulness. Stay present and attentive to the choices you make in each moment, whether it's choosing a healthy meal, deciding to take a break from work, or selecting a positive thought over a negative one.

Lastly, remember that it's okay to make mistakes. There is no perfection 😊Every misstep is a learning opportunity. The power of choice means that we always have the chance to make a different decision next time.

Today and every day, you have the power to shape your life through the choices you make. Will you choose healthful foods? Will you decide to have a movement snack? Will you choose positivity in the face of adversity? These decisions are yours to make. And remember, although it may be hard, it is ok to choose you as a priority in your life.

Be well,




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