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Wingman's Weekend Recap

Happy Saturday! I had planned to post a Wisdom Wednesday and Philosophical Friday blog, and the week got away from me, but the ideas did not.

I wanted to share with you two podcasts that I hope you might add to your playlist.

Wisdom Wednesday: Creatine for Women

Philosophical Friday: The Mental Game (Part 1)

Creatine Supplementation: If you have a chance to listen to the Masterclass that Coach Mislav and I hosted titled “The Benefits of Creatine” we cover many of the same topics discussed on the podcast. There are a few supplements that I recommend that you consider adding to your regimen, but this is one of them. Always be sure to share any supplements you might be taking with your health care team and confirm that there are no contraindications to adding them to your healthy living program.

The Mental Game: You don’t have to be a runner or ultramarathoner to benefit from listening to Sally McCrae. Her message transcends sport and is truly a message about how we face life’s challenges. It takes mental toughness, fortitude and strength to run a 250-mile race. Sally’s message is about life’s challenges and how not to allow them to crush your spirit but how to learn from them, overcome them and choose strong. Her messages are always inspiring, and I hope you enjoy the podcast. Use this as an opportunity to reflect on your journey and how you navigate both success and adversity in your life.

I would enjoy hearing your thoughts after you listen to these podcasts. Please feel free to post in the comments below or message me directly.

Have a wonderful weekend,



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