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Walk with Wingman - #ChooseStrong

“You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice”

Bob Marley

As many of you who have followed me know, my parents are one of my driving motivations for being a health advocate. My mom lost her battle with COPD in 2012. It’s been 10 years, but it still feels like yesterday. I watched Mom fight to breathe as the disease ravaged her lungs and her body, but it never touched her strength of spirit. Every day I strive to be as strong and resolute as Mom was in dealing with the chronic disease that ended her life too soon. My wish that I could have kept Mom and Dad healthy and alive longer on this earth is what inspires me to help others seek their optimal health.

This brings me to the Choose Strong project. I am a huge fan of Sally McRae. She is an amazing athlete and seems like a great person overall. I’d love to join Sally on a trail run one day (ok, I could not keep up with Sally, but maybe a fly-by 😊?). This year Sally launched the Choose Strong project to honor her mother who died when Sally was just 17 yo. Sally is racing a mile for every month her mom lived in back-to-back endurance races. If you don’t follow Sally McRae, I encourage you to do so. Her strength of character and her words of encouragement are inspiring.



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