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Drama Deferred - Mindset Monday

How much energy goes into managing the drama in your life? Does the drama exist, or is it something that you have created?

In “Rising Strong,” Dr. Brene Brown shares that the most powerful stories may be the ones we tell ourselves. These stories can be the source of drama, stress, hurt and many other feelings that rob us of the joy that we deserve in life. Beware. These stories are usually fiction.

Storytelling is helpful. It can provide us a framework to structure what is happening in our lives. Sometimes these stories can send us down a rabbit hole. I remember the stories I would tell myself when I was trying to reach my parents, and no one was answering. I envisioned the entire fire department at their house in rescue mode every time they did not pick up when I called. Of course, when they did pick up, I was angry and frustrated, but really, I was scared. So scared that something might happen to them and scared that I could not control everything in life to keep them safe. These stories I told myself drained my emotional and physical energy.

The stories we tell ourselves can also be about emotional self-protection. We can use the stories to create a protective bubble that puts our vulnerability in the shadows. It is sometimes easier to create stories that allow us to disengage so that we can avoid hurt or pain that we do not want to face. Sometimes these stories arise because we feel that we are not enough or do not know how to navigate the emotions we are trying to manage.

I have created stories in my head because I felt less than. Or stories that allowed me to detach, physically and emotionally, from people or situations to avoid potential hurt or pain, real or imagined. Once I started being honest about my feelings and the role these stories played, I could face some uncomfortable truths and stop masking my feelings and meet them head-on. I was able to rise strong.

What stories are you telling yourself that could prevent you from meeting your goals or living life to the fullest? Just as you have created these stories, you can find ways to let them go. Yes, this is when you must “Choose Your Hard.” It will take time to own your story, and it will force you to get uncomfortable, but in the end, you can develop a mindset that allows you to be more aware of the stories you tell yourself and ensure they highlight your self-worth and strength.

Have a wonderful week,



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