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Day 3 Push Up: 12 Days of Fitness

So, how are you doing? Are you enjoying the challenge? Thank you so much for sharing your photos and videos on social media :-)

On the third day of Fitness

My Y Coach gave to me

Twenty (20) awesome push-ups

Twenty (20) pop squats

and one minute of high knees by the tree

Drop and give me thirty!! Ok, let’s start with twenty ☺

You can do push-ups in a variety of ways and to get to 20 you may need to combine approaches. Our only ask is that you maintain good form at all times! Please don’t try to go fast just to get to your target number of reps. It would be better to perform the exercise in small chunks (5-5-5-5) with good form than to do 20 so-so push-ups. You can do modified push-ups or military push-ups. The goal is to complete a total of 20. It’s ok if you do 10 in the morning and 10 in the evening, the key is that YOU DID IT!!


  • Modified Push-ups:

  • video pushups:

LE2K_DI video pushups:

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