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Walking with my Wahoo

Those of you who are friends with me on Fitbit or MyFitnessPal (MFP) may have noticed an increase in my step count the past few weeks. I have been walking at the end of the day as a form of relaxation and I love it!! Of course, I track my walks and I use my Wahoo blue tooth heart rate monitor to ensure that I am walking at a pace to keep HR in zone 2 or 3, but it is so invigorating and relaxing that I now look forward to it every evening that time permits. Today's walk was unplanned. I was home doing my Sunday chores when I realized that I was out of Swiffer wipes! OMG! How did that happen I have no idea. Instead of postponing my Sunday cleaning I threw on my back pack and proceeded to walk to my local RedX. It was 90 degrees F and sunny and a brisk KC breeze was blowing (the sun may have been a challenge to my SPF 50 sunscreen ). It was a glorious afternoon. My walk afforded me three stops at benches along the way where I proceeded to do some push-ups and squats for good measure. After saying hello to my friends at RedX and putting my purchased in my backpack I headed home. In total the walk is only 2 miles but the heart-pumping, head-clearing benefits have lasted the remainder of the day.

So you're asking, what's my point of my ramblings? I simply want to reinforce the fact that being active does not always mean engaging in activities at a fitness center, community center, studio or participating in organized sports. Any time you can move and use your own body weight as resistance you can be active and obtain positive results for your mind, body and spirit. So the next time you need something from the store walk over the RedX. You'll always get a warm welcome and a smile from the staff...even if you are a sweaty, hot mess!

Have a wonderful week!


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