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Cooking with DAB: Weekly Food Prep

I am certain that most people don't believe me when I describe my weekly food prep. I eat pretty much the same thing all the time....except for date nights! Boring? Not to me . Being able to prep my meals and have readily available healthy food choices makes it much easier for me to manage my nutrition. I cook in bulk and freeze what I won't eat in the next day or two. The photos below are pictures from my fish prep this morning (about 5 pounds pre-cooked) and then my dinner prep this evening. I am certain any real cook is looking at my fish and crying!! Yes, it is "jerkified". I overcook my fish intentionally. It is much less likely to spoil when I travel and I am able to eat it cold, microwave it or under the worse circumstances warm it up over a lightbulb in a hotel room (shhhh......). It is definitely a case of eating for fuel and not always for pleasure.

The chicken is from Costco. I LOVE Costco!! I purchase the chicken pieces whenever I can find them and freeze them. I defrost them in the microwave, remove the skin and I have an instant meal! Easy! The rotisserie chicken is wonderful and at about $2 per meal you cannot ask for more. If you haven't tried their chicken I would give it a try. You don't have to remove the skin; that is my choice. It gets a little mushy out of the freezer anyways so I don't miss it.

My only other meal add is some oatmeal. Dry oatmeal :-) I use this for dessert!

Preparation is a key to success (and sanity) for me. If you have tips or tricks to share please leave them in the comments below.

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