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And the Winner Is????


Well, ok. Congratulations to Jordan English, the winner of the Plaza 10K (34 minutes!!!). I don’t think that I will ever run 10K that quickly but someday maybe I’ll be in contention with the real runners 😊 You can check out the full race results HERE.

Why am I the winner too? I met my goal which was to train for the race and finish without walking. It was a beautiful day. Kudos to the KC Running Company for hosting such a well run event. The pacers were so kind and helpful, especially since I had never run a race before and was pretty much clueless about how it all worked. The night before I thought about watching a video on “How to Run a 10K” but I figured it was too late and that it would just stress me out, lol! So, I winged this one from start to finish. I had a blast! I do need to thank PCRM and the Exam Room Podcast for helping me power through the race. I listened to a great interview with Dr. Kim Williams on Heart Health during my race. The podcast was just over an hour long; perfect!

What did I learn over the past several months? I learned a lot about myself.

  • I can run if I want to. I thought my running days were over. COVID forced me to become creative with my fitness and as a result, I found my running mojo again.

  • I can find solace in the silence: the events of 2020 have had their impact on me too. The silence of my early morning runs has provided me with an opportunity to reflect and process on so many things that have happened in our world this year.

  • Running on Plants really works. I never thought I had digestive issues, but I was always incredibly careful about what I consumed before a workout. I have had many fewer issues now that I am plant powered.

  • Blisters hurt, really! The blister on my pinky toe was quite the ordeal. It is STILL healing believe it or not.

  • Good sneakers are a must. Yes, you would think I know this, and I do. However, it was easy to think that I could “get by” with my regular trainers. The week before the race I purchased a new pair of running shoes. Maybe not what a running coach would have recommended but it worked for me. I went from a 7.5 regular to an 8W and oh my goodness my feet were singing in relief. I even tried a new brand of running shoe for the first time in forever.

Finally, during this journey to the finish line I reminded myself that I am a woman of strength.


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