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Remember Your Why: Mindset Monday

"....You can either find an excuse, or you can find a way....."

It is easy to feel intimidated by the list of challenges that might greet us on Sunday night as we prepare for Monday morning. The growing list of things to do never seems to get "done." There are going to be challenges that we face every day that potentially stand in the way of allowing us to achieve our goals.

Are you deeply committed to achieving those goals? What is your why? Why is this goal important to you?

If it is important enough, you will find a way forward.

Please don't let your need for things to be perfect paralyze you from making progress. Don't find excuses as to why you are not meeting your goals; find; a way forward. You cannot give your energy to everything on your list. You can and should set priorities and focus on what matters to you. Sometimes we get so caught up in checking things off the list that we forget why we are doing the work.

Remember your WHY. This will propel you forward when motivation wanes and allow you to find a way to conquer even the greatest of challenges.

Have a wonderful week.

Be well,



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