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PPSSST! Secrets to Sleep Success

I know, I talk about sleep a lot. I recently had the honor of joining Leif and Anders Arnesen on The Vegan Gym Livestream to share some Tips on Becoming a Savvy Sleeper. Many of us focus on our nutrition and physical activity and these are so important. The American College of Lifestyle Medicine focuses on six pillars of health which I remember with the acronym PPSSST:

  • Plants - eat more plants

  • Physical Activity - movement is medicine

  • Sleep - sleep soundly

  • Stress - reduce stress

  • Social connection - find your moai

  • Toxins - reduce or eliminate alcohol, cigarettes, vaping, and other potential toxins

Why is sleep important, and what are some tips for a better night's sleep? Today I wanted to share a link to the WHOOP Podcast. I enjoy listening to Dr. Huberman (you should follow his podcast too). Many of the key topics discussed on today's podcast related to sleep I have shared in previous posts, but today I learned some tips not only on sleep but on how better breathing can help reduce stress and improve my overall health. I encourage you to listen to this episode on your next walk.

My question for you: what small steps are you taking to improve your sleep? What did you learn from this podcast that can help contribute to your overall health goals?

Until next time, be well.


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