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Proud to be Plant Powered

It's been an interesting journey, but over the past 5 months I have adopted a plant-based approach to support my health and wellness goals. I am intentionally not using the words "diet" and "vegan". Both carry a lot of emotion and I don't want my health goals being aligned with groups, trends or "influencers". This was a decision I made to support my personal goals. It was not easy and I am sure that my friends at Costco are shocked not to see me walking out of the store with bags of fish, eggs and other products :-) It has been a learning process for me but I am enjoying the effects on my health. Physically I am as strong (if not stronger) than in the past. My training is on point and I am hitting new personal goals. I think that "Arthur-itis" (i.e., arthritis) is improving. I'll chat more about my arthritis in another post. My journey to eating purely plant-based started after I attended the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) meeting last fall. Not only did I find my "tribe" but I added to my knowledge base about nutrition. I love to learn and I love to self-experiment and because I log and quantify so much of my health and wellness it has allowed me to subjectively and objectively understand how these changes impact my mind, body and spirit. It's an ongoing journey and I will share more in upcoming posts.

Be well, friends.

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