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Wisdom Wednesday 2022 December 14

You often hear the phrase “Movement is Medicine,” but I prefer to think of movement as a preventive measure so that you won’t need the medicine 😊! One thing that is fascinating in the work that Dan Buettner describes in the Blue Zones is that the people in the longest-lived cultures all move as part of their daily lives. In an era where it is convenient and easy to jump in the car, or order from Grub Hub or Instacart or where we work from home and sit at our desks all day (me included!) it is easy not to move enough.

Just move.

There are many different thoughts on the benefits of resistance training and the value of resistance training across the lifespan. I don’t propose to be the expert, but I did want to share this podcast from Found My Fitness. Dr. Rhonda Patrick interviews Dr. Brad Schoenfeld, who is an expert in the field of exercise and sports nutrition. Why should you take the time to listen? This is an enjoyable conversation that touches on a few of the topics of importance to all of us:

  • Why should we lift weights? (and this included body weight, you don't need a gym to lift)

  • How to lift across the lifespan

  • Tips for recovery

If you don’t have time to listen to the entire podcast, fast forward and listen to 19:00 – 30:00 at a minimum. My guess is that you will want to listen to the rest of the conversation when time permits.

I am off to take a health snack and walk around the floor of my apartment building while joining my next call.

Why is movement important in your life? How do resistance training and physical activity (any movement) factor into your decisions regarding what you want now and what you want most?

Remember: Live. Love. Laugh. Lift.

Be well,



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