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When Will It Get Easier?

Wisdom Wednesday from Wingman

I wrote this late last night. Long past my bedtime. The day got away from me, but I still wanted to share the Wisdom Wednesday I had started in the morning after listening to the podcast below from Redefining Strength.

Given that I was penning this post after 10 pm, it was clearly a very interesting day. The messages from the podcast offered some wisdom that I needed to hear myself.

Every day we think it will get easier.

  • Our workouts will be easier.

  • Our long runs/walks will be easier.

  • It will take less time to prepare meals.

  • We won’t need to track your macros.

  • We will meditate for 5 minutes straight

Things don't always get easier, but the effort and intensity do change over time. You will continue to challenge yourself so the same activity will require greater effort.

You are making progress toward your goals. Continuing to grow in any area of your life requires continuing to challenge yourself. You will need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and that is ok.

What doesn’t challenge you doesn’t change you.

Be well,



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