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Walk with Wingman #6: Post Retreat Update

Yes, I have been AWOL, but for good reason. I spent last week at Camp Pocono Hills for the Vegan Superhero Academy retreat. It was an AMAZING experience. Joining The Vegan Gym as a health coach has been the opportunity of a lifetime. It is a team driven by a single mission: to help 1 million vegans get in the best shape of their lives. We focus on all the pillars of lifestyle medicine, one of the most important being community.

The retreat was an opportunity to spend time with 140+ other vegans who are past, present, or future members of VSA. We were busy from 7 am - 9 pm daily. Capture the flag, hatchet throwing, ziplining, obstacle course, coach-led walks and runs. Form sessions in a purpose-built gym outfitted with brand-new Rogue equipment (woot!). It was extremely easy to get our 20K steps per day. In addition, I partnered with the other VSA Coaches to deliver some awesome Masterclasses:

  • How to Become a Bodyweight Badass

  • How to Add Flavor and Nutrition to Your Food

  • What Everyone Should Know About Women

And there were many, many more Masterclasses delivered by the best Vegan Health Coaches globally.

So, I hope you'll give me a pass for missing the past two weeks. I am back and ready to walk!! I hope you are doing well. Are there any topics you would like me to cover during an upcoming walk? Please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below.

Be well.


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