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Squat Plus (Squat+) Challenge

Are you ready for another Wingman Wellness Challenge? On April 1st we will be starting a Squat Plus Challenge (the plus is optional). I always have mixed feelings about “challenges”. This is not meant to be a challenge between readers. You are your own best challenge partner. If you are already active and this is an addition to your current regimen, that’s great! If you need a little structure and/or motivation I hope that this 30 day program can assist. The squat challenge program includes three different types of squats. Why more than one version of the squat? While the basic bodyweight squat is a great exercise for toning up the lower body I believe you will get better and more functional results by doing a combination of squat variations, rather than the same exact exercise repeatedly for 30 days. The squat variation will use slightly different muscle groups and it will also help reduce boredom. You can make this routine more difficult and even more effective by holding onto weights while doing these exercises or wearing a weighted vest. Additional resistance will also bump up the calorie burn of this routine. If you are really motivated, you can perform more than one round of each daily regimen but I would not recommend that you exceed 3 rounds per day. I have created this program as a 3 day on, 1 day off program. If you’re using only bodyweight and you aren’t sore, you can do this routine 4 - 5 times a week. If you are finding that you are not recovering well between workouts eat more plants and take an additional rest day 😊. I did not include a warm up or cool down on the calendar so make sure you perform a 5 minute warm up before starting each day. As a cool down I recommend that you stretch, do a brief yoga routine and/or a brief meditation. You should always exercise under the guidance and with the approval of your health care practitioner. If you have bone, joint or chronic diseases that might be negatively impacted by this program please consult with your health care provider before starting. Also, warming up and good form can help reduce your risk of injury. This program is meant to be fun and challenging. I would love for you to share photos or videos of YOU and your #stayathome tribe doing these exercises. It’s a great way to stay connected during the CC (COVID crisis). Be well, Daphne


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01 avr. 2020

Happy Day #1 of the Squat Plus Challenge!! How are you doing? Any questions or concerns? Enjoy!

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