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Mindset Monday: The Value of Consistency and Gradually Achieving Your Goals

As a society we have become so conditioned to immediate satisfaction, the lure of same day or next day delivery, that we have forgotten that most of our goals and objectives we can only achieve gradually.

I am sure that you love being able to place an order for your soy curls today and have them delivered in time for you to meal prep tomorrow. This type of speed to objective is awesome, but it is not possible regarding your fitness, health and wellness.

I am so excited about the progress I have made doing pull ups. It has taken years. Every week or month I push myself to do one more. Every morning I include pull ups in my routine so that I can grow stronger over time. I did not expect to have the strength to do weighted pull ups in a week, a month or even a year. I knew that with consistency and time that I would gradually achieve my goals. And I am not there yet.

What are your goals? What are you doing to show up consistently with a plan to move you forward towards those goals? Do you expect success tomorrow, or have you set realistic but time bound milestones that will help you make progress towards your goal? Your goal may be to feel vibrant, to walk around the block, walk one mile, run a half-marathon or marathon, lose ten pounds, lose 50 pounds, gain a pound of lean muscle and/or reduce the medications you’re taking for your chronic disease.

If you are reading this, then you have a goal that is unique to you. You CAN reach your goal(s). It will take time. It will take consistency. There may be blood, sweat, tears and gnashing of teeth involved. There will not be a straight path from A to B. Know that you are worth the investment of time and effort and that on the journey you will become stronger and wiser. The first line from today’s Daily Motivator is worth re-reading when you get frustrated: “There are a few objectives you can achieve quickly. There are many more objectives you can achieve gradually.”

The Daily Motivator May 22, 2023: Achieve Gradually

Be well,



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