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It's OK to Put Yourself First - Mindset Monday

For many years, I felt that putting myself first was selfish. That I had to put everyone and their needs in front of mine to be a “good” person. Do you know who convinced me otherwise? My parents. They helped me see the need and the wisdom in ensuring that I could care for myself so that I had a full cup to care for others when needed. I still felt guilty at times for taking time for myself. When I went home, they always ensured that I went to the gym or had time to roam around Wegmans. Even during the last year when Mom needed us all the most, they still encouraged me to travel for work when needed and come home whenever possible. It was tough and I sometimes feel guilty that I didn’t put them before everything. However, what they taught me in those selfless acts of love has enabled me to save myself many times.

How do you put yourself first? Can you make yourself a priority without guilt? Does putting yourself result in unnecessary drama?

Do you put yourself first because you want to or think you must? Are you a people pleaser? Do you say “yes” to everything because you think that is what is expected of you? Do you regret agreeing to the activity, event, party, dinner, whatever, the entire time you are there? If so, are you truly putting your best self forward?

If you are still learning to put yourself first, and it is a skill we will continue to evolve, I encourage you to listen to the Mel Robbins podcast on this topic. In this episode, she shares some great insight on how to put yourself first without the guilt and drama that might result. It will take deliberate practice and you will benefit from support or accountability from your coach, partner, mom, dad, or the tribe that knows and loves you.

It is ok to put yourself first. The future you will benefit from your ability to prioritize what is important to help you lead the life that you love for many years to come. Keeping your cup full will allow you to give your best self to everyone around you, including the future you.

Let me know your thoughts about Mel’s advice and how you plan to implement her wisdom.

Be well,



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