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Consistency - Walk with Wingman #16

Please take a moment and watch this YouTube short:

Yes, I love Simon Sinek. Simon somehow has a unique knack for taking a basic approach to what can be challenging concepts. "It's not about the events... it's not about the's about consistency." Consistency is essential regardless of whether you are discussing brushing your teeth every day for your dental health, eating healthy vegan food, being physically active or going to bed at a regular time every day. It is not about the activities you take on any single day, but your approach to consistently taking actions that move you forward towards your goal. You don't need to be "perfect" to be consistent. Perfection does not exist. The need to have everything "perfect" can become paralyzing. The aggregate outcome of your consistency will be small but measurable changes that move you closer to your goal. You may not see incremental change every single day. Over time, however, these small changes will lead to big shifts. Consistency is key to meeting your goals. Be well, Daphne


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