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Dress for Success

I am often asked why I only wear dresses. There are three main reasons (in order of importance)

  1. Avoiding bathroom cooties while traveling

  2. Big thighs

  3. No need to think hard at 3 am in the morning

Ok, so maybe these aren't the same priorities for you, but let me share my rationale.

Avoiding Bathroom Cooties while on the Road

There is nothing worse than being in an airport, roadside or other pubic restroom and having to place your personal belongings on a surface that you know is less than clean. This is true for clothing too. Wearing a dress allows me to "lift and squat" with ease while avoiding having any of my clothing touch the floor, toilet, walls or other areas of the facility. Yes, my OCD gets the best of me but hey, it works!

Big Thighs

I #LoveMyShape and I have worked hard for these thighs. However, finding pants that fit comfortably can be a challenge. Dresses are a breeze. I wear stockings or tights to reduce thigh rub (this could be the topic of a blog in itself) and every dress I wear allows me to be comfortable for my 10 - 18 hour days.

Little Thought Required Dressing

A dress is a great way to K.I.S.S. I don't have to think hard about matching shirts, shoes, belts, scarves, etc. I could, but I don't. Today I was rocking a sparkly dress from #Betabrand. The dress itself makes me smile with its finely woven sparkle and bling. It matched my sweater and my #Skechers that I wear for travel. As you can see from my bathroom selfie I also was carrying a #Betabrand bag. LOVE THE BAG! It is both a bag and a backpack. I'll do a review of the bag and the dress in another post if you want more detail but in the interim, I encourage you to check out the Betabrand site.

Am I goofy? Probably. Does this work for me? Yes, but I love to learn. I would love to hear what works for you.

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