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12 Days of Fitness Day #3: Dive Bomber Push-ups

On the third day of Fitness

My Y Coach gave to me:

5 dive-bomber pushups

2 minutes of wall squats

And one minute planking by the tree

Anyone who has attended one of our group exercise classes has been exposed to this fun and

challenging exercise. The dive bomber push-up combines yoga techniques with conventional bodyweight push-ups. It will help you to develop strength in your core, shoulders and chest along with helping to increase your flexibility. Please review at least one of the video links below before attempting this exercise. If you don’t yet have the strength or flexibility to correctly perform a dive bomber push-up please substitute regular push-ups with good form or perform the downward-facing dog for 15 seconds.

Whoa! This one is fun! Follow along on the YMCA Facebook page for more videos and feel free to share your own pictures or videos on FB, Instagram or Twitter.



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