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Get a Step Ahead of Diabetes

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month. Diabetes impacts multiple aspects of our physiology and one of our goals this month is to help you learn more about the disease and its impact.

People who suffer from diabetes must take special care of their feet as they are at a higher risk of infection. The increased prevalence of infection among diabetics is due to a lack of sensitivity in the lower extremities caused by reduced blood flow and nerve damage. This can make it difficult for diabetics to notice when they have a sore or an infection that needs medical attention. Your primary care physician and/or endocrinologist will perform a foot exam at every visit but it is also very important for you to examine your feet on a regular basis. Need to learn more?

The Providence Medical Center Wound Care Center will present a free Diabetic Foot Ulcer Seminar and Screening* on Wednesday, Nov. 15, at Providence Medical Center 8929 Parallel Parkway, Kansas City, Kansas, at 1 p.m. Local experts will present information on the role of diabetes in the development of foot ulcers and current treatments available for diabetic foot ulcers.

Following the free educational seminar, the first 30 in attendance will be eligible to receive a foot screening to include:

  • Initial Diabetes Foot Assessment

  • Microfilament test (Checks for Peripheral Neuropathy of the foot)

  • Quantaflow Test (Checks for Peripheral Artery Disease)

Speakers at the event will include Douglas Kelling, D.O., F.A.C.H.M., UHM, is Board Certified in Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound Care by the American Board of Wound Healing., and Medical Director of the Providence Wound Care Center; and Gregg Morris, RN, BSN, a Registered Nurse and the Director of Providence Wound Care Center. He has extensive experience in wound care and treating diabetic foot ulcers.

Registration for the event is required by registering online at:

*The Seminar is open to first 60 persons registered and screenings open to first 30 in attendance. A waiting list with a follow-up program will be offered. For more information, individuals with questions may call, 913-596-7230.

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