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Hotel Gym Review: Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel

Location: Phoenix AZ

Overall Assessment: Total Score: 17 out of 25

  • Accessibility: 4

  • Cleanliness: 4

  • Equipment: 3

  • Environment: 4

  • Nutrition: 2

Grading System (my own): 1 = Unacceptable, 2 = Marginal, 3 = Acceptable, 4 = Good, 5 = Excellent

Accessibility: 4

The gym is open 24 x 7 which is ideal for early risers and those that train late in the day. The facility is on the fifth floor by the pool and is easily accessible to all.

(Hours gym is open, location, access, etc.)

Cleanliness: 4

There were sani wipes in the gym! Overall, the facility appeared to be generally clean.

(Equipment clean, showers/changing room cleanliness, tools to wipe down equipment, etc.)

Equipment: 3

I like Precor equipment so I think that was great. The machines, benches, balls, free weights were in good condition. The number of cardio machines was good for early morning but the facility likely could get busy at peak hours. There were only a limited number of benches for those using free weights, a limited number of mats for the floor but this may reflect the overall usage of the facility.

(Type, mix, condition, etc.)

Environment: 3

The temperature in the facility was good. There were TVs on all of the machines. I already mentioned my issues with the availability of equipment to clean the machines so I won’t belabor that issue. There are no external windows but the lighting is adequate for a workout.

(Temperature, overall cleanliness, lighting, etc.)

Nutrition: 2

There was some fruit and a water machine in the workout room so maybe I shouldn’t be harsh. Coffee is available in the dining area along with lemon water.

(water, food in the facility or immediately available)

Exercise(s) Completed / Closing Comments

I did cardio and some body weight exercises today. Nothing fancy but felt great afterwards. The hotel gym was good on the spectrum of hotel gyms that I have experienced over the years. There were multiple other guests in the gym so I was not able to take photos, but you can see a picture of the fitness center on the hotel web site here.

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